Chapter 12: The SPWO All About Winds

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The Selangor Philharmonic Wind Orchestra (SPWO) will present its debut solo concert this coming October! Established in 2016, the SPWO is a project of the SPO to harness its members’ burning enthusiasm to promote wind symphony music and also to share a gathering platform for the growing number of wind instrumentalists in Selangor.

Historically, wind orchestras have been deployed for marches and military parades. Over the years wind ensembles evolved to deal with more “serious” music, eventually developing their own genre of music. Wind symphony orchestras finally received commercial acceptance in the mid-20th century through movie soundtracks (eg. Lord of The Rings), and critically acclaimed compositions, such as El Camino Real, Danzon No. 2, and Festive Overture by Dimitri Shostakovich. The SPWO proudly aims to further develop the Malaysian scene for wind and percussion enthusiasts, by increasing the visibility of symphonic wind bands in concerts and commissioned performances.

This coming October, with a 60-strong team of talented musicians, the SPWO will mesmerise audiences with entrancing and lively symphony music in, “Chapter 12 : The SPWO – All About The Winds”. This concert will feature various musical celebrations, ranging from march parades, dance, and classical traditions, to popular movie soundtracks, the combination of which will lead the audience on a musical journey all about the winds. The concert will be held on the 21st of October (Saturday), in MBPJ Civic Hall. It will be definitely be a night not to be missed!

Inquiries can be made through e-mail:, or telephone:

Chan Academy of Music and Art (+603-58870711)
Ms Kenny Leow (+6011-2315 5996)
Ms Neng Chiu Yan (+6017-2282907)

To purchase online tickets, kindly proceed to fill up the form beside.

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