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2020 – A Year of Collaborations

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We are devoted to a common vision of providing opportunities to young musicians. If you are dedicated just like we are, join our community where passion and friendships kindle warmly.

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SPO 10th Year Anniversary Reflections

SPO is now 10 years old!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, we will be looking back the past years of our journey by having a series of interviews with our soloists and guest conductors!

Recording of the interview is available on our Facebook page

Past interviews of the series:

Pandemic Thoughts

Finlandia is considered one of Jean Sibelius’s most famous works. The work was composed in 1899 and premiered in Finland, the motherland of Sibelius.

Finlandia is the story of Finland overcoming its enemy. It originated from political protests, written for the Finnish Press Pension Festival, to protest the increased censorship by the Russian Empire. The music portrays the magnificent land of Finland, and expresses its peoples’ national pride.

 Malaysia and the world is today also facing an enemy: the coronavirus. Likewise, we will fight and overcome this pandemic together by helping each other as anak Malaysia! Stay safe and healthy!

Dmitri Shostakovich was a composer of the Soviet Union who lived under the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin from 1929 to 1953. His tenth symphony was written after Stalin’s death, and is widely interpreted as a depiction of Stalin’s brutal regime.

The symphony involved terror and violence, which are conveyed by the reappearing military drum. These emotions are opposed to the cheerful and positive music that Stalin always wanted Shostakovich to compose.

Stalin’s regime affected and took away the lives of multitudes. Today, the coronavirus pandemic has also taken away loved ones and affected the lives of many. Like Shostakovich, we look forward to the day when we can celebrate freedom from tyranny.

As fear dwells within us, let’s not forget to fight against it: follow SOP, practice social distancing, and avoid crowded areas.

Stay safe and healthy!

Throwback to our Chapter 7: Fate concert in 2015! Featuring Ng Chong Lim as our soloist for Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2.

After the unfortunate premiere of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 1 in 1897, the composer fell into a deep depression and suffered severe writer’s block. Luckily, the composition of his Piano Concerto No. 2 marked his full recovery.

Each unforgettable phrase, swelling cello line, and weighty piano chord is fantastically placed to make a musical masterpiece. Superb melody after glorious melody flows from the keyboard; the dialogue between orchestra and soloist is divine; and Rachmaninov absolutely had a success on his hands.
We are doing the best we can to overcome this pandemic together as a country. Stay safe and healthy!

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