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The Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra (SPO) is a non-profit organization with a vision of promoting and spreading the beauty of classical music in Selangor, educating and training young musicians to appreciate large scale performance and organization, and discovering new talent from local communities and providing them an opportunity to perform in concert.

Your support enables the SPO to continue training our young musicians, and supporting them through the provision and maintenance of musical instruments, venue rental fees, and concert event expenses.

We welcome you to journey with us as we continue endeavouring to provide a platform for our local classical musicians to perform and share wonderful music for the benefit of the community.

Our Sponsors from Past Concerts

4 ways that you can make a difference in supporting SPO!


Be a Volunteer to help the team organise activities for SPO musicians and organise special music projects for the public.


Sponsoring / Organising educational and learning programs (i.e. workshops& master classes) to improve members’ skills.


Sourcing / sponsoring of venues, spaces and concert halls for players to conduct music practice in a conducive environment.


Purchasing of small scale items such as music materials and volunteer work for maintenance & upkeep of instruments etc.

Make a one-off donation

We have sponsorship programmes which include free concert VIP tickets and advertising* in our concert programme booklet, but we are also open for discussion on how we can be mutually beneficial to your cause through the works of the orchestra.

*terms and conditions apply.

Donate to SPO

All donations can be done via bank transfer or Cheque Payment is payable to
Persatuan SPO
Malayan Banking Berhad
Bank Account No.: 512857064022

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